Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Engagement photos!!

Happy Valentine's Day! 💓
What better way to celebrate than looking at lovely engagement photos?? 
Just kidding, you can all celebrate however you want! I just wanted to share some of my favourites from our shoot

On January 28, we joined Emma Patterson and her assistant Nicole at Whitemud Park in Edmonton so they could take our engagement photos!
It was a little cloudy, which was pretty decent so then our eyes weren't squinting from the sunlight. We stayed there a little over an hour and we got some decent shots!

Here is a link to Emma's blog. Don't be fooled by my icky face, I love Keaton a lot and Emma got beautiful pictures!

"I love you" "I know" necklaces

Fun fact: This will be our first (and only) Valentine's Day as an engaged couple, which I think is pretty exciting. And we got three months to go until our wedding which is even better!
I love Keaton so much. I can't wait to spend my Eternity with him

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